20 points, Pythagorean Theorem (picture provided)The angles at the left and right tips of the kite are right angles. The length of the long, diagonal brace of this kite is 100 cm. The length of the shorter side of the kite is 60 cm. What is the length of the longer side of the kite? A. √13600 B. 40 C. 80 D. 1600(sorry if the symbol for choice A. is wrong)

Accepted Solution

ANSWERC. 80EXPLANATIONThe longer diagonal is serving as the hypotenuse of the right triangles.Let the longer side of the kite be x cm.Then, from the Pythagoras Theorem, the sum of the length of the squares of the two shorter legs equals the square of the hypotenuse.This means that,[tex] {x}^{2} + {60}^{2} = {100}^{2} [/tex][tex] {x}^{2} + 3600 = 10000[/tex][tex] {x}^{2} = 10000 - 3600[/tex][tex] {x}^{2} = 6400[/tex][tex]x = \sqrt{6400} [/tex][tex]x = 80cm[/tex]