Fathi has \$1.10$1.10dollar sign, 1, point, 10 in his printing account. Each sheet of paper he uses reduces his printing account balance by \$0.25$0.25dollar sign, 0, point, 25. Fathi wants to print out a PDF document that is 474747 pages long. To save paper, he decides to print on both sides of each sheet and to print two pages on each side of the sheet.After Fathi prints, what will be the balance in his printing account?\$$dollar sign

Accepted Solution

Answer:$-4.90. Step-by-step explanation:Fathi has $1.10. Each sheet costs him $0.25. He wants to print 47 pages. If he prints double sided, then he will use 47 / 2 = 23.5 sheets of paper. But he can't print a half-sheet, so he will use 24 sheets of paper. Each sheet costs $0.25. 0.25 * 24 = 6. The printing will cost him $6. Since he only has $1.10, his remaining balance will be 1.1 - 6 = -4.9. The balance on his printing account will be $-4.90. Hope this helps!